When VeScribe¬† began to conceptualize Virtual Engraving, it was evident that blockchain technology would provide the permanent and immutable solution to personal record keeping.¬† Blockchain’s decentralized method of storage provides safety and security to the information contained within it.

Many blockchains are secure at the expense of the environment. Proof of Work blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum use vast amounts of energy in mining operations that secure the information.

One blockchain stands out among others for being the most environmentally friendly public blockchain. VeChain is the Green Blockchain with its revolutionary Proof of Authority 2.0 consensus method of data storage and security. VeChain leads the way for mass adoption of this new technology with a future focused approach to energy consumption.

At VeScribe we are committed to telling the stories of the past with the technology of the future.

VeScribe powered by VeChain.