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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Virtual Engraving and Key Codes?

Virtual Engraving is an innovative way to personalize objects by linking them to dynamic landing pages using Key Codes. These codes unlock tailored experiences, allowing you to add photos, videos, and messages that stay connected to the object.

Can I add more personalization over time?

Yes, absolutely! All our packages allow you to continue adding photos, videos, and messages to your Key Codes as time goes on. This ensures that your personalized experiences evolve with your journey.

Can I customize the landing pages to match my brand?

Absolutely! Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate your branding elements, creating a consistent and engaging customer experience.

What can I use Key Codes for?

Key Codes can be applied to a variety of objects – jewelry, gifts, heirlooms, and more. They enable you to personalize, add history, or commemorate a moment or event

What's the difference between the pricing tiers?

Our pricing tiers offer different packages to suit your needs. The Single Business Set Up provides a comprehensive solution for a single business. The Resale/Multi Business package caters to those handling multiple setups. For individual hobbiests, we offer Single Key purchases in varying quantities.

How will I receive my Key Codes?

Upon purchase, your Key Codes will be delivered to you via email. Please ensure accurate contact information at checkout to ensure smooth delivery.

Can I resell the Resale/Multi Business package?

Yes, the Resale/Multi Business package is designed to encourage resellers. With its advantageous pricing, you can resell at single business rates and generate revenue through sales.

Can I upgrade my package in the future?

Simply choose the pricing tier that aligns with your needs, make your purchase, and embark on your journey of personalized engagement with VeScribe

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