Remove a Record

Records written to Blockchain are unchangeable, but there are certain steps that can be taken to “change” or “remove” a Record

Change Record Request

If there is a certain Picture, Video, Text or Document that you would like to be replaced when your record is viewed, you can use the Change Record Form found here. This will save a new version of your record and direct your QR Code Key to display the new version.

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Hide or Remove QR Code Key

If you decide that you no longer want to view your record and you do not want the record to be associated with your object, you can remove, replace or alter the QR Code Key. By removing or making the QR non-functional you destroy the link to the object.

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Destroy Record Request

If you would like the entire record to be destroyed and all information to be un-readable on the blockchain, you can use the Destroy Record Request found here. This operation will be performed by VeChain and will permanently hash the entire record and cannot be undone.

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