Your local trophy shop may not be selling Bored Ape NFTs, but they have entered the world of Blockchain with Digital Albums. Customers can create VeScribe Digital Albums using photos and videos they already have on their phone and the local store will engrave a ‘Key” on their special object. These private Digital Albums are permanently stored on VeChain Blockchain and can be instantly accessed by scanning the engraved Key.


Engravers already mark moments such as weddings, birthdays, corporate gifts and sporting events. Now the gifts and awards given at these events can include videos, pictures and messages related to the event. Event organizers can include programs, event history and the organization’s vision in every promotional product given out.

Sentimental items such as jewelry can be the “key ” to Digital Albums that share family history and events. The photos and videos will tell the complete story of the object and the person that held it. These items will become cherished heirlooms passed for generations.

Digital Albums, like NFTs, become a permanent, private and everlasting part of the blockchain. The very nature of this new technology prevents loss, corruption and manipulation of data stored, and is unequaled by any other storage method.

Engravers, jewelers and personalization stores have teamed up with VeScribe to offer this product to customers. Creating a permanent Digital Album takes as little time as posting on socia media. Blockchain technology has made this possible and VeScribe, together with local partners, makes it accessible.

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