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VeScribe does more than capture life’s memories. It’s also is a customer loyalty and engagement platform that digitizes brand customers of physical goods. We work with luxury brands to identify and engage your customers with unique experiences like virtual engraving, phygital items and NFTs.

Why Use VeScribe Keys on your Products

Digital Albums

A VeScribe Key on your Products lets customers create a Digital Album with photos, videos & more

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VeScribe keys are added to products prior to retail placement. We can work with your manufacturer or we can apply the keys to your products in our facility.

Customers can scan the Key on their product and create a Digital Album with photos and a message. First Album is free to customers and includes lifetime storage powered by blockchain. 

Customers can create album directly on their phone without downloading an app. After their album is created, scanning the Key will show the Album on their phone.

For more information on creating Digital Albums, see our How it Works page. 


Each time your customer views their Digital Album dynamic Brand content is also available

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Your Brand name or Logo will be prominently displayed on the opening page of every Digital Album. 

The “Exclusive For You” button on the opening page will treat your customer to exclusive content. We work with you to change this content and improve engagement. Add a sneak peek of new products or photos and videos from your studio. 


Add-on Sales

Suggest complimentary products based on the knowledge of what the customer already owns

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Direct customers products in your store based on the products they already have. Link directly to your online sales channel. 

Digitally capture new customers that recieved the product as a gift or bought from a retail location.

Grow your known customer list for a higher ROI on your advertising.

Customer Loyalty

Viewing their Digital Album reminds them why they love your Brand

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  • 80% of future profits come from 20% of existing customers
  • Loyal customers will spend 10X what they spent on their first purchase
  • 3/4 of customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand rather than a product
  • The probability of converting an existing customer is 60-70 percent

Loyal customers are created with value and connection. 

Make your Products more Valuable!

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