Personal / Hobby

Dive into the world of Virtual Engraving with our beginner’s set-up tailored for hobbyists and individuals. Unleash your creativity with two customizable video clips, ten images, and a personal message on each Key Code Home. Additional media storage can be acquired for enhanced customization. 

What can you build?

Imagine the potential – a pendant capturing scenes from your favorite musical, cherished photos for Mother’s Day, a family reunion collage, memories from your wedding day, or even showcasing your local event or sports team. The choice is yours, and our Single Key purchases provide the canvas for your imagination to thrive. Let’s embark on a journey of personalization and innovation together.

Where is my Content Stored?

Digital Albums are stored on VeChain Thor’s blockchain. It is a distributed ledger system with storage “nodes” throughout the world. Information on the blockchain is encrypted and your QR code will be your “key” to unlock your record.

How Will I Get My Key Codes?

Your Key Codes will be sent to your email address that you  provide at check out. Please make sure it is accurate. If you do not recieve your Key Codes Please contact us with your order number.

Who Can See My Digital Album?

Your Digital Album is encrypted and stored on the blockchain. You need your QR code to look at your record. Your QR code is your “Key” so keep it safe and don’t share it publicly or on social media.

Can I Add More Content Later?

Yes, you can continue to add more content throughout the years.

"VeScribe has added a touch of magic to my jewelry. It's like wearing memories that come to life. Now, my favorite show moments are forever etched in my necklace, and I can carry them with me wherever I go."

– Emily R,