Estate Planning

Add VeScribe Digital Albums to your most Treasured Possessions

Adding a VeScribe  Digital Album on a Plate or Tag to your Objects makes their significance and your wishes clear to family and friends. VeScribe allows you to upload Photos, Documents, Personal Messages and Instructions. These permanent Record can be accessed by scanning the VeScribe Digital Album Key on the object.



Add :

  • Provenance and Origin Documents
  • Family History and Genealogy
  • Final Wishes for Inheritance



Add :

  • Insurance Records
  • Care Instructions
  • Provenance, Appraisals and Ownership Documents



Add :

  • Artist Biography and Photos
  • Provanence and Ownership Documents
  • Pesonal Reflection on piece and Inheritance Wishes



Add :

  •  Ownership
  •  Origin and Instructions
  • Repair and Restoation Records


VeScribe Plates & Tags or Direct Engraving

Add a Digital Album to your Object

Digital Albums with photos, videos and messages can be added to any object. Find an Engraver in your area that carries VeScribe Digital Albums who can help you add your album to gifts, jewlely, awards, trophies and more.

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Create a Digital Album

Scan the QR Code Key on your Object and click the link to Create a Digital Album. Upload Photos, Video Clips and Text to create your beautiful Digital Album that lasts forever.

More Info on How it Works

View Your Digital Album

Digital Albums Post within 24 Hours. Scan your object's QR Code Key to view your new Digital Album.