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Can I add More Pictures?

Yes, you will see an “Add More Pictures” button replacing your “Personalize” button once you start to personalize. Add photos, video clips and messages right from your phone. You must be the VeScribe account holder and have your email and password to update. 

How long will my VeScribe be stored?

VeScribe  is stored using distributed ledger and blockchain. Information is encrypted and stored on multiple “nodes” throughout the world with no additional storage fees.

Who can see my Virtual Engraving?

Your QR code is you “Key” to unlock your Virtual Engraving, so keep it safe and don’t share it publicly or on social media.

My videos or photos won't upload?

The size of the files is most likely too large. Try compressing the file to between 2-4 MB. If your phone or tablet doesn’t do this in the camera app, you can download a number of free apps that will do this. Some of the better ones are: Video Compressor, Video Dieter 2, Resize Video and Video Compress. If you have trouble creating your VeScribe, please Contact Us.

How can I get help?

Directly below this FAQ Section is a Contact Form, phone number and email. We will respond to Contact Form and Emails within 24 hours. You may phone us during business hours listed with the phone number.

How can I pass my VeScribe to someone else?

You can pass your item to anyone and they can view the VeScribe Virtual Engraving by scanning the QR Key. Your VeScribe can only be updated through your account on If you would like to give the ownership and permission to alter your Digital Album to someone else, please Contact Us and we will help with this request.

Can I remove my Virtual Engraving?

The easiest way to remove your Virtual Engraving is to remove the QR code. This is the “key” to view the record. The QR code can be buffed off or hatched to make it unreadable. Click here for examples. If the QR code is on a plate, that plate can be removed or replace.

If you would only like to change part of your Digital Album, such as changing a photo or text, please Click Here.

If you would like the record permanently destroyed in the blockchain, click here to fill out the request form.

Why is blockchain the better choice?

Blockchain is better because records are permanent and immutable and cannot be lost or hacked like cloud storage. VeScribe is saving to a distributed ledger instead of a single storage point, like cloud storage. Storage “nodes” are distributed throughout the world and information is encrypted. Photos and documents you store on VeScribe are not available to Search Engines.

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