Ways to Hide or Remove QR Code Key

If you decide that you no longer want to view your record and you do not want the record to be associated with your object, you can remove, replace or alter the QR Code Key Using these Methods described below:

  • Buff Off Engraving
  • Cover Up Engraving
  • Replace the Plate

By removing or making the QR non-functional you destroy the link to the object.

Buff Off Engraving

Most metal items can be sanded and buffed to remove engraving. Jewelers remove engraving regularly. Some plated metal cannot be sanded because the plating will be removed in that area alone, a cover-up of your QR Key Code should be done in that case.

Cover Up Engraving

Engravers  can apply additional engraving on top of the QR Code Key to make the Key unreadable. This works well for plated objects. The Key can be partially or completely hidden.

Key Codes can also be covered by a metal plate or paint.

Replace Plate

QR Code Keys that are on metal plates can be removed or replaced. Engraving shops can assist with removal and obtaining a new plate. A new QR Code Key could be applied to the plate and a new record added.

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