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Is Your Local Engraver Selling NFTs?

Your local trophy shop may not be selling Bored Ape NFTs, but they have entered the world of Blockchain with Digital Albums. Customers can create VeScribe Digital Albums using photos and videos they already have on their phone and the local store will engrave a 'Key"...

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Engraving VeScribe QR Codes

What is a QR Code Engraving QR Codes starts with understand what a QR code really is. The unique design of a QR code is a made of digitally coded information that is easily interpreted by a scanning device. The pattern can represent up to 7089 alphanumeric characters....

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Green Records

When VeScribe  began to conceptualize Virtual Engraving, it was evident that blockchain technology would provide the permanent and immutable solution to personal record keeping.  Blockchain's decentralized method of storage provides safety and security to the...

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